Rock Climbing

Our 8 week course is primarily offered through the Berrien Springs Partnership. Students of the Niles Partnership are also encouraged to register.

This course builds the grammar set for new rock climbers. Each student is introduced to:

  • Most used climbing knots and hitches
  • Top rope systems
  • All safety gear and proper usage
  • Rappelling
  • Climbing technique
  • Bouldering
  • Caving

Other benefits of this course are:

  • Physical and mental conditioning
  • Fellowship with other homeschoolers
  • Optional outdoor climbing during the warmer months

Many students who have been searching for a fitness activity and have not engaged fully with the mainstream sports come to find that this is a perfect fit for their personalities. Rock climbing is a focused, yet free spirited activity, that allows students to explore body movements unlike other sports - with an adrenaline rush that keeps them feeling adventurous.

Search "rock climbing" in the course section of the Berrien Springs Partnership, or search "Homeschool Nexus" under providers in the Niles Partnership database. Links are below: