The Homeschool Nexus is a privately owned and operated facility. We purchased the building in June of 2019 from a small church congregation out of a need for a more consistent location to grow our little homeschool community. We also had a vision of providing useful resources to homeschool families. Our mission has always been to support our family’s homeschool journey first, and then share our blessings with other homeschool families.


God has allowed us to share these blessings in a few different ways.


We are:

- a consistent location for homeschool communities to meet weekly at little or no cost to their families.

- a hub for informational meetings and practicums that provides new and veteran homeschool families with support. 


We also offer:

- extracurricular classes to homeschool families through the Berrien Springs Partnership.


We operate:

 - the only rock-climbing instructional program in lower Southwest Michigan. Yes! The ONLY rock-climbing program in the area. Climb Kalamazoo is 45 minutes away, and that is the next closest climbing experience.


Please visit our resource page for local homeschool information.

All profits from partnership course offerings cover the annual operating expenses of the facility.