Our mission is to support families, empower homeschoolers, and cultivate community.

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“Homeschoolers are not socialized" is a common myth mindlessly repeated in our society. Homeschoolers gain intrapersonal skills through quality interactions with their peers and other adults, and are sought after by universities because they have high success rates in college. Arguably, Southwest Michigan is home to one of the strongest homeschool communities in the country. Here is a small sample of local homeschool groups in our area:

Homeschool Groups


Homeschooling your children is the most rewarding pursuit a parent can take, and also extremely challenging and time consuming. We offer many extra curricular courses for your students if you don't have the margin in your family's school. These courses are designed to give your students real life, hands on experiences they can carry into their adult lives AND give you a little break.

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