• Does your student enjoy working with his or her hands?
  • Is your student passionate about automobiles?
  • Have you been trying to find electives that fit into your homeschool curriculum?
  • This course may be your answer.

Our class is an opportunity for your student to get under the hood of a vehicle. Students will learn new grammar of automobile components and systems AND they will learn real life skills that will save them money as drivers. This course is also a greater primer for a career in mechanical work. Here are a few functions your student will perform in this class:

  1. Perform an oil change.
  2. Remove and replace tires.
  3. Remove and replace brake components (pads and calipers).
  4. Remove and replace electrical components (alternator and starter).
  5. Practice flux core welding.

They will also be introduced to how systems work, including an intro to the science and technology behind these systems.

Too Expensive??

No worries. We partner with the local homeschool partnerships who subsidize the fee at no cost to you through reallocated tax dollars. Please visit the Berrien Springs Partnership to become part of this program, and you will be able to enroll in our courses through their site.